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Dave grew up in Michigan where he developed his love for wild bird hunting. After moving to Georgia he was introduced to field trialing and this became his passion…one dog at a time.



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May 9, 2016
Today is Maxx’s second birthday. Maxx is spending the day in his new swimming pool and tonight we are having homemade dog cupcakes. Him and Lily are the highlight of our lives. Can’t thank you enough for breeding such amazing GSPs.


Owner of Maxx

2 1/2 is old enough to bird hunt!! Jayce hunting over Pirate.

Alex Gamblin

Dad of Jayce!

It was great seeing you this weekend. Thanks a million for letting me ride your horse. I had a great time walking the gallery with Susan and Blaze got first in Open Derby and third in AWP. Of course, Patch had a great weekend and I know Susan was excited for the First Place in AWP. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and providing me such a great pup. I came to the field trial with low expectations since it was my first and I’m the “city guy” with no horse. However, I did want you to be proud of Blaze and how he ran. I’ve foot hunted over Blaze several times because he holds point for a good time, but he really started to run big this weekend. I’m looking forward to my next field trial. Probably in February. My wife fears I’ll be wanting a horse soon. Ha. I attached a few photos for you too. Thanks again for letting me ride your horse. Cheers!
TK Smith, Esq.

T.K. Smith

owner of Blaze

Thought this would bring a smile. First time using quail with Ely and only the third time training with him. (you can
see the quail in flight) …… Very proud of him…… Second quail, he held for a very long time for me to get my act together and then only took a few steps after shot. He is getting used to me working behind him, instead
of the ATV and is starting to stay well ahead of me. I put Pippin on quail, and she pointed and even chased. The bird
did not fly very far from the first flush, and Pip re-established point again and after flush really tried to get the bird…..
……Thanks again for your great training with Ely.



owner of Ely

Hi Dave – just wanted to share some pics. Simone is an AWESOME dog – perfect on the trails – in
my office- on the paddleboards – and all the other adventures that we throw at her. (She does
point lots of things too!) The next time we are at my parent’s farm I’ll give you a shout if
you’d like to see her.

… She (Simone) is awesome – fearless & likes to get up high to play with Xico.


Owner of Simone

Dave, I was happy to receive your email. I planned to email you and Lee today. Well, I am starting my second week with Two Spot. Julie and I have named her Gracie. Her registered name is WFK Gracie Two Spot. (FC-AFC WFK’s Bad Mad’s PrettyBoy x FC WFK Belle’s Georgia Peanut)

Gracie is an awesome dog; everything I had hoped for. She is very loving, sweet and good. I have a crate in a room off my kitchen set up for her. She spends the night in it. I put her down about 10 pm and I get her up at about 7 am. She has no problem making it through the night. The first few days she would whimper maybe 60 seconds. She really seems to like her crate. I put a treat in it when we go outside so when she comes in she heads straight for her crate to get her treat.

We play fetch, or at least we are working on it. We call it “play ball”. She will go get it and bring it back to me most of thetime. The wildest thing she does is get my newspaper. Really! My newspaper is folded in half and put in a clear plasticwrap/bag. It is at the bottom of my driveway. As we go down I tell her to get my “newspaper”. At first I had to pick it upand let her get excited about it and bite on it. Now she goes down and gets it in her mouth and carries it up to my porch…….

I have had her over to Julie’s house, traveling to Lawrenceville in the car. I have had her around my grandchildren (1,4,
and 9), Julie’s parents dog, a neighborhood dog, and neighborhood grade school boys. This weekend Julie and I are taking herto Lake Oconee. So she is being well socialized and traveled. She is doing great…….

Well, I guess that is enough news for now. Thank again for such a wonderful dog. Julie and I love her to pieces. I will
text you some pictures.
Kind regards, Joe



owner of Gracie

Finally took Kyle hunting and he did great! His points were great and retrieving was really good. Brought the birds back like a champ and dropped them at my feet.


owner of Kyle

Buck just turn a year old and is doing great. He is spoiled rotten and loving life. He loves playing in our yard with tennis balls and regularly getting very muddy in the creek behind our house when he knows he’s not supposed to. He’s an incredible dog and a great addition to our family. We would love to come Saturday but we will be out of town. I will continue to send updates going forward.
Thanks, Caleb



owner of Buck

 Hey Dave my wife keeps sending me pics of Louie it’s really making me want to go home and
play with him!! I thought I’d send you a few it seems he’s really settling in good. Thanks
again for everything!   –  Dave O.

Dave O.

Onwer of Louie

Rocky’s been a great addition to our family. Thanks Dave for helping make this happen.

Joesph S.

Owner of Rocky

Just wanted to tell you how proud I am of this girl. She is a great dog who loves to find birds and our family loves her. Here she is last weekend with a Woodcock. She actually flushed it before I shot but, the cover was so thick she may have been pointing it. She was in a cane patch about 15 feet tall and I could not see her. It is the first bird I have shot with her.   


Owner of Juno

Just wanted to pass along a few cute pictures I thought you guys might enjoy. We ended up
naming our pup Mav (short for Maverick). He is the greatest thing and we cannot believe
how fast he has grown or how adorable he is. We hoped to send you a few pictures sooner
but didn’t quite get to it. Just thought we would let you know, Mav is doing great and
definitely takes after his father as in he is a “Pretty Boy!” 🙂

Amy and Grant

Owner of Mav

 Hi David, A little more than a year ago we bought a german short-haired pointer from you, Fancy Pants!
Well I just wanted to write and let you know how he is doing. He is such a great dog! We have two dogs, one from
the SPCA, so he has a buddy to play with and boy do they love each other. He is healthy, up to date on all his
shots, and takes his heartworm medicine every month just like you asked. We haven’t neutured him because we
would like to breed him but it is still up in the air. Unfortunately, we have not trained him to go hunting
because our other dog is always distracting him but we do have a greenbelt behind our house with several
acres of open area with tree lines and marshy areas. We take bird dummies out there so that he can retrieve
or find them. We love him so much and can’t thank you enough for letting us buy him. Hope everything is
great with the kennel.

Maria B.

Owner of Fancy Pants

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