Summer Camp 2017

What is Summer Camp?

When the temperatures in Georgia summers get too hot for training, we head north to Summer Camp, This is an exceptional opportunity to allow your dog to run big in the wide open country and hunt for wild  birds. We travel north in late-July, so that we can enjoy the mild temperatures of North Dakota in August through September.  We are away for approximately 10 weeks. Dogs return home in athletic shape, ready for the fall hunting and trial season.

We take only a limited number of field trial and hunting dogs. The training, birds, handling and conditioning of each dog is tailored to their individual needs which we will plan with you.

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How to Reserve a Training slot for Summer Camp
  • Slots : There are a limited number of slots available and are reserved with a deposit.

  • Deposit : There is a $500  non-refundable deposit in advance to hold your slot

  • Payments: $700 DUE at drop off, $700 DUE at pick up

  • Total Cost: $,1400 + $500 deposit = $1,900

  •  Dates : July 23rd thru September 29th.

  • Drop off – Pick up : You may drop off dogs as early as July 15th and you may pick up as late as October 6th.  Other dates are available with paid boarding at a rate of $15 per day.


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