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Professional Gun Dog Training

Check out what you and your dog can learn with Dave Walker


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We are currently training at our facility in Georgia.
We are accepting reservations for training through June. 
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Our Dog Boarding Kennel is open all year around in Georgia.
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The Challenge

Need help with a young dog or puppy? Do you want a finished dog to make your hunting experience more enjoyable?

The Solution

See what you and your dog can learn with Dave Walker Gun Dog training!
Check out our programs below and view our videos.
All boarded training is all inclusive (boarding, birds, food, and training)
We can arrange per week or even daily training.  Private lessons are also available.
Dave is also available for basic obedience for all dog breeds.

Rates: Gun Dog training  $160  per week, $30 per day for less than 7 day periods.

Obedience training   $40 per day.

  • Puppy development typically runs 4-6 weeks

  • Entry level gun dog training typically runs 4-6 weeks

  • Advanced gun dog training typically last 4-12 weeks but can continue for longer periods.

  • Force fetch trained retrieve. Typically requires a time frame of 6-10 weeks.

  • Obedience 10-20 days.

Please view our videos and explanations of each training program with “click here” button which takes you to each page for the corresponding training service.

How to Reserve Training
  • Training is by reservation. Please call me to discuss your specific needs

  • A deposit of $320 (2 weeks training ) is required in advance to reserve your training spot.  You can mail a check or we can email you a link and you can pay by credit card. Please make checks payable to “Walker’s Farm and Kennel” and mail to

     Walker’s Farm and Kennel

    1057 Floyd Rd.

    Forsyth GA 31029

Requirements for all dogs in training:



Proof of current vaccinations.  Rabies absolutely MUST be current!


Heartworm prevention is HIGHLY recommended. Client provides — please let us know administration date.

Flea and Tick Control . Client provides — we can administer on the date.

Vet Services

If any Veterinary services are required, they are paid for by the client

Puppy Development

Puppy development program If you plan to hunt or compete with your dog and you don’t have the experience or time to “get your dog on birds”, this could be a very cost effective and efficient way to get your hunting partner on the right track. Your puppy or (older dogs if you wish) will learn:

  • proper and safe introduction to gun fire
  • electric collar conditioning
  • pointing and chasing quail and pigeons
  • shooting quail to evaluate the dogs natural retrieving skills
  • exposure to ATV’s
  • most importantly have a great time!

Typical training for this is 4-6 weeks depending on the dogs rate of development. Rates: $160 per week or $30 per day for time frames less than 7 days / All inclusive- birds, food, training,boarding

Entry Level Gun Dog Training

Entry Level Advanced Training This training is designed for dogs that have completed my puppy development program or are already started. Elements in this level:

  • Teach the dog to be “Steady to Wing and Shot” on Pigeons with blank rounds.
  • Teach “stop to flush” on wild flushing pigeons.
  • Build on puppy development basics

This usually takes 4-6 weeks.  Rates: $160 per week or $30 per day for time frames less than 7 days /  All inclusive – birds, food, training, boarding. 

Advanced Gun Dog Training

Advanced Gun Dog Training This training is for dogs that have completed my Entry Level Advanced Training Program. Program works on:

  • Advance  from steadiness on Pigeons to Quail and/or Chukar.
  • Work on and complete honoring another dogs point.
  • Shoot birds to evaluate the dogs natural retrieve.

Depending on what you need accomplished, this usually takes 4-12 weeks. Rates: $160 per week or $30 per day for time frames less than 7 days /  All inclusive – birds, food, training, boarding. 

Trained Retrieve/Force Fetch

Trained Retrieve Commonly referred to as “Force Fetch”.  If your dog is started or finished, and the retrieve is not satisfactory, this training addresses the problem. Depending on the dogs rate of progress, this usually takes 6-10 weeks. Rates: $160 per week or $30 per day for time frames less than 7 days.  

Obedience Training

Basic Obedience Open and available to all breeds.  I specialize in Sporting and Pointing Breeds, but all dogs are welcome. If you and your dog need help on basic obedience try my basic obedience training program. Your dog will learn the following:

  • Proper and safe introduction to the electric training collar.
  • Learn the following commands: Heel (walking with manners on a leash), sit, stay, and come here.
  • Your dog will learn to go in to a dog crate when asked with the “kennel” command.
  • .At pickup time a private training session for you and your dog to cover what was learned. I will help you build confidence and knowledge for using the electric training collar to reinforce the commands taught during training.

Includes: All training, boarding, dog food.( If your dog requires a special food bring it along) Usually takes 10-20 days, depending on the rate your dog learns and level of experience. Rates: $40 per day. 

Private Lessons

Private Lessons  $50 training birds included. Quail from the flight pen for shooting $5 each.  A private lesson last for about a 30 minute session. Appointment required.

General information – All Training
I send video updates via email as your dog makes progress.


  • Can I visit?  Yes, appointments are welcome.
  • Do I need an “Electric Collar” ?   No, but I highly recommend using one to help with the training. I use my equipment for training. At drop off or pick up, bring your “e-collar” and I will help you learn to use it.
  • What training collar do I need?   A basic yard trainer is usually sufficient. I recommend Garmin, Tri-Tronics, or Sportdog brands. I sell a basic training collar that will suit almost everyone and every dog.

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